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Same editor – just better

Build, design and write content from the WordPress editor without having to juggle between different environments and page builders. Cwicly integrates seamlessly with the WordPress editor and gives you the complete toolset you need to create and extend new and existing websites.

Simplify your workflow and clear your backend from bloated page builders that duplicate integrated WordPress functions.

NoCode like a coder

Forget sloppy and bloated code output that impacts your users and ranking. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced developer, experience the freedom and creativity of visual coding.

Cwicly does all the heavy-lifting in the background to make your code beautiful and performant as if you had your own dev team available at all times.

Made for speed

It’s in the name! We do good things faster than others.

With optimised asset loading, clean code and solid background logic, break the speed barrier and start ranking.

Cut your costs

Get value for money. Cwicly reduces the need for multiple plugins that break the piggy bank.

With a role editor, filtering capabilities, advanced queries, conditional logic and new features added all the time at no extra cost, there is simply no competition.

Client friendly

An increasing number of clients want to have a hand in how their website works. This gives them more control and cuts costs for them.
Most clients request having their website built in the familiar WordPress editor and not in a foreign environment.

Cwicly is fully integrated into the WordPress ecosystem. The Cwicly Role Editor gives you complete control over what your clients can see and do. Avoid broken designs and layouts, and optimise client satisfaction.

Active development

Cwicly is fuelled by a talented team of individuals bringing together the necessary creative and technical skills to build a long lasting product.

Cwicly releases new and exciting features on a regular basis while closely listening to community feedback and requests.

Cwicly, pronounced /ˈkwikli/

A new take on site builders

Cwicly is an advanced professional design & block toolkit that integrates directly with the WordPress editor. Start building dynamic, compelling and complex websites from within the editor we all know and love.

Unlike other builders, Cwicly does not duplicate the page building functions that have recently become available in WordPress. Cwicly adds specialised building blocks, powerful conditional logic, dynamic data handling, filtering capabilities, global classes and stylesheets and a role editor.

Invest in the future

Join the revolution

Don’t be left behind relying on the page builder of the moment soon to become obsolete. Cwicly is an integral part of the WordPress editor and can only grow better as the WordPress editor develops.

WordPress is here to stay, and so is Cwicly. With its new block editor, WordPress is rapidly taking over all the basic functions from other page builders. Cwicly brings the professional toolkit needed to complement and extend these features into the future.

Create better with Cwicly


Bringing the Pros
to WordPress

Speed, design and performance orientated features to visually build websites that work

Speed tests don’t lie

Google loves fast websites. And it is human to find faster websites more reliable and professional. Cwicly caters for everybody.


Cwicly writes clean, fast, semantic and compliant code for you and only loads block assets when you need them. No jQuery or other dependencies, we love VanillaJS.


Cwicly is constantly adding integration with SEO plugins. With RankMath support and custom attributes for all our blocks, your SEO journey is covered.


Cwicly takes a pride in making its blocks accessible and compliant following WCAG 2.0 standards. Leaving no one out while protecting you from potential lawsuits.

Best Practices

Cwicly makes it easier for you to bring together the best practices to help users navigate your pages, read your content and take actions.







Best Practices


+30 pro blocks

Cwicly comes with an extensive collection of carefully selected, specialised and fully customisable blocks to cater to your every need.


Design your blocks with over 450+ responsive styling properties for a unique look.


Cwicly blocks support dynamic data out of the box. Link your content to your WordPress database and ACF Pro.


Create intricate effects and user interactions with Cwicly blocks. Toggle a class, slide in a block, the limit is your imagination.


Show/Hide blocks by setting specific conditions to blocks. Access a whole array of dynamic conditions to create fully interactive websites.

Design faster

Innovative and powerful global design features. Visual & responsive CSS editing.

Global Theming

Visually define and maintain theme styles to optimise brand identity and consistency. Style all your main elements with global colours, typography, links and layout.

Global Classes

Create, manage and order your collection of reusable classes for improved workflow and efficiency. Import external stylesheet classes directly inside Cwicly.

Responsive layouts

Make your sites device inclusive by visually adapting your designs to any screen.

Visual CSS

Instantly apply CSS properties to blocks with our easy to use styling UI. Create and maintain complex CSS rules with Relative Styling.

Theme builder

Enhance the WordPress Full Site Editing experience by applying conditions to templates. Use global headers, footers and fragments to coordinate your site’s appearance.


Visualise, manage and create templates directly from the Cwicly themer.

Global Parts

Make collections of template parts to use and reuse according to the conditions you set.


Apply advanced conditional logic to your templates to show/hide them depending on your needs.

Fully integrated

The Cwicly themer integrates seamlessly into the WordPress Full Site Editing ecosystem.

Exclusive innovations

Cwicly includes groundbreaking features that remove the need to rely on custom coded solutions. Save dev time – and money.

Expert blocks

Create complex queries with the advanced Query block and filter the results with the Filter block using our unique Frontend Rendering logic. Can’t find what you need? Use our dedicated Code block.

Dedicated dev team

If it’s talked about, we’ve done it. Cwicly keeps up to date with the latest trends and keeps your website modern.

Role Editor

Set and manage access and styling levels for every user role or for specific users. Don’t ever worry again about site wreckers.

CSS Grid, Flexbox

Access the very best and latest CSS properties directly inside the block editor. Don’t let your creative process be limited by page builders that can’t keep up.

Cloud Design Library

500+ pro designs

All-in-one Plugin

What’s in the box?

Cwicly is the only toolkit that is fully compatible with the Full Site Editing feature of WordPress.

With the Cwicly themer, use your custom templates wherever you need them with advanced conditional logic.

Don’t get left behind with the page builder ways, use the up and coming WordPress Full Site Editing.

Engage your visitors with unique scrolling interactions on your blocks and section elements.

Hide/Reveal your header on up and down scrolls with predefined animations and specific selectors allowing you to style user interactions without limit.

Make your site more reader-friendly & accessible with easy to use tooltips that you can apply to any Cwicly block.

With static and dynamic content, globally style your tooltips to suit your needs, give your users that extra information they are looking for and increase your conversion rates dramatically.

Hover over me to see a Tooltip.

Increase relevancy, personalise your user experience and boost performance by using dynamic content.

Whether you want to create a post template, hide a block for guest users, or show specific information, Cwicly fully integrates WordPress and ACF Pro data.

Access all the information you need with the ready-made options or add your own shortcode to access custom data.

Apply styles to both core and custom content by specifying custom CSS rules that you can visually style from the Cwicly editor.

Forget the headache of coding CSS blindly and hoping it works, Relative Styling is your new visual ruleset companion.

Visually create layouts for repeated content in seconds.

With ACF Pro, repeat team member cards, CTAs, listings, events with ease while Cwicly does everything in the background.

Make that essential connection between your users and your brand.

Enjoy a full range of web-safe Google Fonts or upload your own with an intuitive font uploader.

With 1,000+ icons to choose from or your own custom ones, use your brand voice to communicate with your users in an efficient way.

Increase your conversion rates and overall business success by using modals to catch and keep your users engaged.

With a wide range of trigger options (clicks, scrolling, inactivity, on exit), entrance/exit animations and fully customisable content and style, build any kind of modal popup to suit every situation.

Navigate blocks in an enjoyable and intuitive way while speeding up your workflow with the state of the art Cwicly navigator.

With specific menu-contexts, smart drag and drop and versatile mobility, don’t let yourself be slowed down by inefficient list views.

You’ll feel completely at home with our intelligent CSS editor.

Beautify your code in an instant while compiling your SCSS creation and focus on designing what matters.

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Cwicly is an advanced professional design & block toolkit that integrates directly with the WordPress editor.

We only load assets when necessary, and only write the best of markups. No infinitely nested divs and bloat, Cwicly is code on a diet.

We accept payments via PayPal and Stripe. Payments are processed securely over SSL using Stripe onsite or using PayPal offsite.

Yes you can, absolutely. Your clients do not need to purchase their own copy of Cwicly.

We introduce new features and designer made templates on a weekly basis while fixing bugs & errors as soon as we find them.

Yes, check out our sandbox. If you decide to be part of the fam, but are not satisfied, you can cancel your purchase and get a refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time. You only pay the remaining difference.

Cwicly is an agnostic plugin so you can use it on any theme. If there are incompatibilities, we do our best to fix them.

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