20+ Gutenberg Blocks

Take the Gutenberg Editor to the next level with Cwicly blocks.

No useless blocks, just useful & powerful

The aim of Cwicly is to provide a powerful and fully creative toolkit that allows you to create what you want. This is why we don’t offer specific blocks like Pricing or Testimonial blocks because they can be created with the blocks we provide. Every block we create is for a specific function & use. No more useless blocks that don’t allow you to be creative and use processing power.
Need a pricing block? We have a multitude of Pricing and other layouts in our Design Library.

Advanced Styling

Building Blocks Only

Link Wrapper Included



CSS-Grid powered to make columns with ease. Use our visual grid editor to create any grid-based layout.


The essential element to all your Cwicly designs. A ready-made container with a wrapper that centers all your content.


Takes advantage of the Cwicly properties for your heading with advanced styling options.


Takes advantage of the Cwicly properties for your paragraph with advanced styling options as well as instant link wrapping.


Takes advantage of the Cwicly properties for your image with advanced styling options and pre-made hover animations.


Design the button you’ve always wanted with advanced styling options. Easily add an icon and place it before or after the text.


A simple but extremely powerful block that allows you to insert and style an icon from the Cwicly library or a custom one you’ve imported.


Embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo or locally. With advanced options, embedding will become a piece of cake. Comes with an optional and fully customisable overlay before the user clicks to play


Takes advantage of the Cwicly properties for your list with attractive optional icons and advanced styling options.


Use a slider to create testimonials, clients, or simple images. The sky is the limit with the advanced options such as looping, free-scrolling, pause on hover.


Easily build a gallery by defining the number of columns, pre-built animations, lightbox option, link. Combine multiple galleries and customise the navigation filter to give your users a unique experience.


Create an advanced modal/popup with the advanced triggers offered by Cwicly. Customise the modal overlay as well as its layout with advanced styling options.


Create menus that integrate with WordPress menus. Vertical or horizontal view, with icons or not, customise your menu and its layout with advanced styling options.


The most commonly used block to group elements giving you complete control over layout and styling options. Design without limit.


Embed an interactive Google Map in seconds. Change its look and feel with a few clicks. No more code, everything is visual.


Create advanced WordPress query layouts with Flex or CSS Grid. Add pagination and use the Cwicly dynamic features to make unique archive layouts.


A block that includes the content from a specific query. Customise and style it with our advanced options.


Take advantage of the ACF Repeater and the Cwicly Repeater block to create Flex and CSS Grid layouts in seconds. It’s time to style that content.

Cwicly is the next generation Gutenberg website builder solution for WordPress, empowering you to create unique and creative designs. The builder combines cutting edge responsive technology with smooth drag and drop capabilities as well as an impressive collection of ready-to-use desginer made templates that will help users in need of inspiration. Cwicly delivers some of the cleanest code ever seen in website builders & boasts an incredible development & support team.