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We would love you to join our affiliates  program. Cwicly makes it possible to create powerful dynamic websites directly from inside the WordPress editor.

Don’t let your clients be left behind.

50% CPA

Get 50% commission on every new sale.

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How does it work?

Fill out our form

Fill out this form. Once you have completed it, we will make sure you’re a right fit. Once you’re approved, we’ll send you an email with all the necessary details.

Share the love

Spread the word about Cwicly, while being paid. Let your community know about us by sharing your passion for WordPress and Cwicly.

Get paid

Whichever plan your clients choose, you’ll always earn 50% for new clients, once the 30 day refund period is reached.

Why choose Cwicly?

Fast growing

Cwicly almost sells itself. If it’s talked about, we’ve done it. Cwicly releases new and exciting features on a regular basis while closely listening to community feedback and requests.

WP integrated

Integrated into the WordPress Editor for greater efficiency and to avoid duplication. Simplify your workflow and clear your backend from bloated page builders that duplicate integrated WordPress functions.

Pro blocks

Cwicly comes with an extensive collection of carefully selected, specialised and fully customisable blocks to cater to your every need.

24/7 support

At Cwicly we take pride in looking after our clients. We provide professional help and deal with issues as soon as they are brought to our attention.

Growing community

Our community is actively involved in the ongoing direction of Cwicly. WordPress is here to stay, and so is Cwicly. With its new block editor, WordPress is rapidly taking over all the basic functions from other page builders.

Affiliate assets

Promote Cwicly and make money.
We guarantee regular monthly payments, once the 30 day refund period is reached. Your clients are a valuable asset and we do our best to look after them.

Can I apply?

If you have an online presence or are passionate about WordPress, we welcome you to Cwicly’s Affiliate Program. We’re always looking to reach new communities and broaden our client base.


Cwicly is open to every everyone with a creative streak: Bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers. Let your voice carry the word further.

WP educator

We appreciate the effort you make to help improve the WordPress experience. 
Why not add some Cwicly links and affiliate buttons to your WP tutorials and educational materials.


If you create for WordPress then you will want to take advantage of all that Cwicly has to offer.


If you want to be ahead of the game, refer your clients to Cwicly. Cwicly is the most advanced toolkit for building No Code WordPress websites. We make your job a little easier and your sites that much more unique.

How to promote?

Get busy on social media

Get creative in Blogs and Articles

Get educational with video tutorials

Get festive with Cwicly logos 

Get sending your affiliate link

Affiliate now


The more clients you bring to Cwicly, the more you earn.

As soon as you have over 200€ in affiliate earnings, we will pay out, once the 30 day refund period is reached.

You don’t have to be a Cwicly client although – for your clients’ sake – it is useful to have a working knowledge of Cwicly.

Payment is automatic and monthly by Paypal, once the 30 day refund period is reached.

You get paid once our 30-day refund period has been cleared and after you have earned a minimum of 200€ in affiliate earnings.

There are no limits to how much you can earn. It’s up to you!

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