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Cwicly turns the WordPress editor into a professional website builder. Time to start creating.

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Gutenberg Revolution

Cwicly offers a completely revised version of the Gutenberg website builder with optimised visual options, device specific properties, an immense template library and high-speed performance competing with the best hand-coded websites.

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Designs made for you

We are constantly creating quality designs that will suit every business and personality. With a simple click of a button, create your website in a matter of seconds, while keeping unique.

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Introducing the Cwicly Library

Save time & build faster by using our designer made elements, layouts and themes instantly available in the Gutenberg editor. With a mix here, a match there, a single click and a few customisations, you can launch a unique and professional website.

No extras, everything is included

With Cwicly, you no longer rely on different themes or plugins to make your website unique.
Cwicly is an all-in-one solution growing bigger and better every day.

“Thanks to Cwicly, I’ve finally found something that can replace other website builders that didn’t use WordPress as a base. I have complete freedom and the code that comes out of it is so clean.”

Responsive Design

Cwicly is the only toolkit to efficiently utilise the responsive features of Gutenberg.
Customise every block across different device breakpoints in just a few clicks. Instantly preview and adjust your layouts from the editor. No more guess work for hover effects either, What You See Is What You Get.


Cwicly only uses what it needs. Clean code and speed of light load times provide unrivaled performance that make your website appealing to clients and search engines.

Dynamic Content

Whether you want to create a post template, hide a block for guest users, or show specific information, Cwicly is natively integrated with WordPress and ACF. Access all the information you need with the ready-made options or add your own shortcode to access custom data.

Duplicate / Link blocks

With a single click you can duplicate blocks in an instant. With linked blocks, every change you make on the original block you copied appears on all duplicated blocks. No more fiddling for hours to replicate the same styles.


ACF Pro is included and integrated within Cwicly, opening the door to the Repeater option that allows you to create and manage custom & repeatable dynamic data with ease.

Global Colors & Fonts

No more backwards and forwards. Manage your styles from a single place. Define your responsive global settings and apply them anywhere on your site, while visually seeing the results, instantly.

Custom Fonts & Icons

With Cwicly, add as many custom fonts and icons as you want and access them easily and rapidly.

CSS Grid & Flexbox

From the CSS Grid builder and Flexbox builder to the inline block and table displays, you have the complete solution to bring to life every design you imagine.

Scroll Animations

Bring your blocks to life with carefully picked animations that animate on page scroll. It’s time to give your website that little touch of Jazz.

Premium support, for everyone

Have a question, an issue or a problem? We find it important to offer the same type of support for all our customers. That is why you will be able to find help through our Live Chat as well as Email, WhatsApp and our documentation that gets updated everyday.

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As if coded by a conscious mind

When we started developing Cwicly, one of our main goals was to end up with a website that could perform incredibly well & have code that was human readable, allowing you to export it out of WordPress as a standalone HTML and CSS website (coming soon), with no useless fluff that normally comes with website builders.

Minimal Code

Valid Code

High Speed Performance

Exportable (soon)

Powered by WordPress Gutenberg

Developed by the WordPress team, Gutenberg is the new editing experience for media rich pages and posts. Cwicly builds on those foundations to extend those basic capabilities. No longer are you limited by the tools at your disposal, you can now create entire websites without ever leaving the WordPress editor.

+20 New Blocks

Dynamic Integration

Custom Pseudo Classes

WooCommerce (soon)

The plan that suits you



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Perfect choice for a single website that needs a professional toolkit to take Gutenberg to the next step.

  • 3 websites
  • 300+ designer made templates
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Updates & upcoming features



per year

If you manage more than just 1 website, then this is the plan that will suit your needs. Unleash your creative skills.

  • 10 websites
  • 300+ designer made templates
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Updates & upcoming features



per year

The ultimate choice for building websites for you and your clients. If you’re looking for the best experience all round, this is it.

  • 1,000 websites
  • 300+ designer made templates
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Updates & upcoming features

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and Stripe. Payments are processed securely over SSL using Stripe onsite or using PayPal offsite.

Can I use Cwicly to create websites for clients?

Yes you can, absolutely. Your clients do not need to purchase their own copy of Cwicly. In fact, Cwicly was conceived for two main purposes: allowing everyone to create and edit in the Gutenberg editor with extreme precision while allowing professionals to provide superb designs with the latest technology.

Will you be updating Cwicly’s features and templates regularly?

Most definitely, this is something we are really wanting to emphasize. We are hoping to introduce new features and designer made templates on a weekly basis while fixing bugs & errors as soon as we find them.

Do you offer a trial version?

We don’t offer a version of Cwicly for trial. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can cancel your purchase and get a refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked. You can basically try Cwicly out risk-free for a month and then decide if you want to keep it or not.

Cwicly is the next generation Gutenberg website builder solution for WordPress, empowering you to create unique and creative designs. The builder combines cutting edge responsive technology with smooth drag and drop capabilities as well as an impressive collection of ready-to-use desginer made templates that will help users in need of inspiration. Cwicly delivers some of the cleanest code ever seen in website builders & boasts an incredible development & support team.