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Want to share your talent
with the community?

Here’s what designers need to know to share designs to the Cloud Design Library.



Without you and your contributions, there would not be a community. We thank you in advance for your design contributions that you are generous enough to offer and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

If you so wish, you can add a URL to your profile so that if users click on your name they will be redirected to the link provided by you.

All Cwicly users are eligible to submit their designs – pending approval – to the Cloud Library.

Good to know

If bugs are found in designs they will be removed by Cwicly until they are fixed by you.

If assets or images are brought to our attention that are not correctly licensed, the designs containing them will be removed from the community.

We reserve the right to change the structure of the community at any time.
Designers retain the rights to the designs they upload to the community.


Good practice

Please follow good building practices for your design:

  • Use consistent and clean spacing.
  • On more complex designs, the main structure should use sections, containers, grid and flexbox where appropriate.
  • Section height should be min. height or percentage to allow for content variation.

Responsive behaviour

Ensure that your designs are optimised for different screen sizes.

Design Content

Content should be consistent with the chosen category and tag.

Written Content

  • Text should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Headings should be original and not generic placeholder text (lorem ipsum etc).
  • Paragraphs may contain generic placeholder text (lorem ipsum etc).
  • Check text accessibility (adequate contrast between font and background).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Use only one H1 heading per page. Improve ranking by using relevant and descriptive keywords in your H1 headings.
  • Respect the hierarchy of headings to help ranking and user searches. Use H2 to represent subtopics and H3 headings to represent sub-subtopics. The other headings H4-H6 can be used to further break down content into smaller sections.


Copyright and Public Domain Assets

Ensure that all images, icons and any other assets used in your designs are royalty free or you have a license or written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce, distribute, display or make derivatives of all images, icons and any other assets you use in your design.

You may generally use public domain materials without worrying about copyright issues. Just be sure to check licensing terms for each material to make sure it can be used freely.

Stock Up, pexels, Unsplash are good sources of license free assets.

Image size & quality

Larger background images should be under 300kb and small assets under 20kb.

Images should be nicely cropped and crisp on retina devices.

Custom Code

Custom code should not be used in designs for the community.

Design help

Cwicly users who upload their designs to the community may provide help if they wish to.

Issues related to Cwicly bugs should be directed to

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